Katlina Kliewer, the lead collaborator and brand management member, considers her main role to be a vocalist. In addition to that, she also supports activities related to promoting music releases and other marketing efforts.

She has a keen interest in Japanese whiskeys, billiards, and Tetris.

Nevertheless, she despises having achy feet (which gives the illusion of things being far away, even if they are just a few steps ahead).

She would happily welcome complimentary foot massage vouchers!

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Sekrett Scilensce, is the main musician and a part of the business development crew.

He can be described as the amiable Piano Man of the neighborhood (with a hint of being a resident psycho).

In his professional capacity, he handles the tasks of a composer.

Apart from his musical obligations, he is engaged in company growth and supervises operations.

He has a deep love for whiskey, billiards, and filet mignon.

If you have any suggestions for exquisite Scotch or anger management, he would be more than happy to receive them!

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