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Welcome to the official news, media, and press section of the TAKEO TAMA label. Contained on this page are information-articles regarding select-releases from the label's catalog of sound-recordings as well as 'corporate'-styled "company"-announcements. Please keep up to date by visiting the main websites and by checking any connected channels that carry info about the label's products and services.

Please contact-us directly with any comments, questions, or requests. Further information for most goods and servicing is readily available on the pages created by TAKEO TAMA or at the directories carried and listed at the many hubs and stores that license the label's audio.

Portions of the label's Music and entertainment is presented by AUDIO GAMBLER (Europe) - KUNEO KOEI (the parent entity of TAKEO TAMA) does its best to encompass materials for Asia in countries such as South-Korea and Japan.



Major-news -- TAKEO TAMA Denounces Social-Media/Internet Censorship Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic & Racism “Baiting” Ops [Digital Journal, Inc., link]

-|- supplemental-Update -- Ready For Fun, But, We’re Also Going To Level With You: “If You Think The USA and the World Isn’t Being Invaded Right Now, Think Again!” [Blog, follow-up, 100+ comments/reactions]

Latest (Brand/Company - Blogs/News) [U.S.A.]:

Tragedy & Change

We’ll flesh things out at a later date, but basically, a tragic thing happened to our lead-Composer – which essentially – set many things out-of-sync (out-of-whack) – whatever you want to call it. — He’s okay-ish now, but the reality of what the future should and must be still very much hangs in the air … Continue reading Tragedy & Change

Back from the Dead?!

Hello, our little “boobley-barbley”, “beeble-tarts” (yeah, that means “you”) — We’re not dead! And, we’re not that tired (yet); well ok, we are tired of some items but mostly, we’re just passing the moments, figuring well yonder as to how to ponder and to where we shall, squander…? Yes!! Everything is true (that we’ve just … Continue reading Back from the Dead?!

End of 2020…

This past year has been “something” different, for ‘everyone’. There is “no” ‘commonality’ other than what is asked of people by the governments and, the varying opinions that people around the globe have on the matter. In the end, per all these matters at hand, current and to arrive, all that can truly be said … Continue reading End of 2020…

Updating “Pages” to Medium/Large Video Screen Sizes for Testing…

While we haven’t been saying much on the front-end of everything lately, we’ve definitely been EXTREMELY busy behind the scenes! As a matter of fact, one of the many things we’ve been figuring out is how to give every single one of you a faster, better, more streamlined experience when you take tyme to use … Continue reading Updating “Pages” to Medium/Large Video Screen Sizes for Testing…

Country, Language, Region Support Relaunched For USA, ESP, DEU, UKR, JPN, KOR, PHL, CHN & RUS

We’ve relaunched regional support for the following languages: USA – ESP – DEU – UKR – JPN – KOR – PHL – CHN & RUS; if you’re unfamiliar with ISO country-codes, this just means: North-America, Spain/Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, Philippines, China and Russia — In two-letter format, these are typically: US, ES, DE, UA, JP, … Continue reading Country, Language, Region Support Relaunched For USA, ESP, DEU, UKR, JPN, KOR, PHL, CHN & RUS

Any Products/Services Offered In Chinese Are For People Of China And Not Its Government Or Agencies

We wanted to be clear about something before any person or entity chooses to have an impression that may not be correct. Regarding all products or services (i.e. language-pages) that we have created for people of Chinese origin or descent; we want to stress that the materials are present “for the people” and “not” the … Continue reading Any Products/Services Offered In Chinese Are For People Of China And Not Its Government Or Agencies

July 4th, 1776

Whether you’re in America and celebrate in patriot ways or are in/from another part of the world but very much enjoy the USA tradition of Independence Day, let it be known that no matter how far the world arrives in change or how different everything may become, REMEMBER; there was a tyme before where it … Continue reading July 4th, 1776

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Blogs (Recent) [U.S.A.]:

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Externals: Halts Shiba Inu Bartering-Protocol, Steps Back To Re-Evaluate High ETH Gas-Fee Dilemma

Koei • Tama Music grp. pauses implementation of "Shiba Inu" Cryptocurrency as means-of-trade to attain selections from its audio-catalogues and premium-contents

Powerful Instrumentals Released On TikTok, Users Encouraged To Use Them In Anti-Censorship Videos

Takeo Tama (Music) has released several powerful Instrumentals over the TikTok network including the Highly-Anticipated, "Illuminati No. 5"

Katalina Kliewer is a search-algorithm error a.k.a. misspelling of Katlina Kliewer

Google search-engine algorithms improperly index the website and related pages of Takeo Tama lead-Collaborator & Brand-management member Katlina Kliewer as Katalina Kliewer

Takeo Tama Re-Entering Digital-FM Market to "Freshen Up" Post-Tragedy

Personal-Affairs of lead-Composer cause Music-entity to re-establish its marketing endeavors with newfound spirit but cautious outlooks...

Takeo Tama goes head-to-head with "Blinding Lights" by: [The Weeknd] on South-American radio

Music-release "My Dystopia" by: [Sekrett Scilensce] enters rotation

Koei • Tama | Official Website Operations Guide - (Published)

Koei • Tama enterprises "official" website operations guide is now published and ready to use Can Now Be Accessed Via ""

Takeo Tama Artist "Sekrett Scilensce" Will Simplify Access To Their Online-Domain By Using The Much Simpler To Remember "All", "By", "Piano" -dot- COM URL

Koei/Tama vows no direct affiliation or association to ByteDance Ltd., Tencent Holdings Ltd., or CCP

Setting "all" records straight via the 'Press', Koei/Tama co. ind. ventures int. aims to clarify to its audiences and viewers that their - Chinese - portions of their marketing & sales activities bare no relationships with/to Chinese Communist Party.

Koei/Tama denies extended catalog access to SoundCloud, Audiomack, & similar audio-hubs

Kuneo Koei co./Takeo Tama br. sets sights on evolved internal-media deployment & execution mechanism, opts to forego most readily available technologies in favor of serving Higher-Quality (better controlled) D2C-audio to global-audiences

Kuneo Koei: "Will DistroKid Help Big Tech In The Purge Of Harmful, Hateful Contents And Censorship?"

In a memo leaked to authorized professionals & licensees, Kuneo Koei released its first reactions to DistroKid updated Terms-of-Service & Distribution-Agreement. The entity questions particular mechanisms set for instant/subjective removal of content

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