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Takeo Tama 2024 Positioning Transcends Joe Rogan, Spotify & CNN Style Controversies For Digital-Music Distribution [Digital Journal, Inc., link]

Major-news -- TAKEO TAMA Denounces Social-Media/Internet Censorship Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic & Racism “Baiting” Ops [Digital Journal, Inc., link]

-|- supplemental-Update -- Ready For Fun, But, We’re Also Going To Level With You: “If You Think The USA and the World Isn’t Being Invaded Right Now, Think Again!” [Blog, follow-up, 100+ comments/reactions]

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Keep on “porting” on…

Doesn’t really matter how much crazier this world gets, we’ll keep trekking on, creating, distributing, and hanging out. Can’t lie, it’s very confusing regarding how to feel about going onward. Sometimes it’s, “Why bother?” and other moments it’s like, “Bah. Humbug.” — It just doesn’t come clear anymore, not in expectation, not in energy, and … Continue reading Keep on “porting” on…

Losing the Film, Television & Video-Game Licensing War, in a way (but not all the way)…

If someone wanted to say, “Why get audio from you? I can get royalty free stock sounds or pay some company and have access to thousands of tracks for my project,” they’d be correct (in a way). But what about the quality or “exactness” of such offerings? No, we’re not going to sell ourselves as … Continue reading Losing the Film, Television & Video-Game Licensing War, in a way (but not all the way)…

Social-Segment: “How awesome and stupid DoorDash is!”

The Awesome — A new song idea begins to creep in. At that same moment, a hunger, a craving for something ensues. The dilemma; to leave the current thought and lose traction or, to quickly go online and bam! Order, and continue thinking, creating while waiting. It’s the ultimate convenience, especially in the major cities … Continue reading Social-Segment: “How awesome and stupid DoorDash is!”

Let’s do this?!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier, somebody said, “Hold me beer!” and you said, ‘Ahhhhhh, fine.’ and [they] giggled. But hej! That’s all bright and dandy because if the worst of worse doesn’t come as many expect then in the end, it’s a whole ton of things to make the most creative-works from, … Continue reading Let’s do this?!

Advertising Services Shutdown…

So we’re Officially announcing that we’ve shutdown our “Advertising” services sub-site. There’s a bunch of changes that we’ll uncover soon but ultimately, we want to thank everyone who participated and hope you find continued success with any and all services you utilize, going forward. Looking back, we probably had a ridiculously high-standard for the types … Continue reading Advertising Services Shutdown…

The ‘Official’ “What Would We Do If…” (insert-possible-worst-case-scenario-here) Blog

Literally. It all just depends. Whether any person believes this or not, we’re usually fifty-steps ahead on just about every potential under our belt. We’ve literally come up with many different distribution scenarios in the past, only to realize they’d be better suited for an appropriate later-date. It’s not exactly a sixth-sense to anything oncoming … Continue reading The ‘Official’ “What Would We Do If…” (insert-possible-worst-case-scenario-here) Blog

Kat, is back?!

Emerging from the fires of The World comes a new “Demo” recording from Takeo Tama Artist: Katlina Kliewer — The chase is on and in no way or means shall it end pretty. Skirting the miles upon miles of hardships and strife, Kat rises up from the ashes only to find that we all may … Continue reading Kat, is back?!

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Blogs (Recent) [U.S.A.]:

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Steal This Beat #1 (Unmastered, 170-BPM) [Free-to-Use Stems/Tracks] | * Full-License included *

A new "Beat" is available via - It can be used Freely in music-productions -- All downloaders/users are only required to comply with any Licensing/Legal guidelines accompanying the files which are available in a .ZIP-archive.

Takeo Tama "Legacy" Operations & 2025+ Release-Syllabus Revealed |

"Impact" documentation for Takeo Tama "Music" & 'Business' operations ranging remainder 2022 through 2025+ are now available. The four core-competencies include: • Listen • License • Learn • Interact -- initiatives

Katlina Kliewer is the lead-Collaborator & Brand-design member at Takeo Tama |

Singer/Vocalist, "Katlina Kliewer", with previous designation as 'lead-Collaborator & Brand-management' member at Takeo Tama (Music) has changed

Sekrett Scilensce is the lead-Musician & Business-expansion member at Takeo Tama |

Pianist/Composer, "Sekrett Scilensce", with previous designation as 'lead-Composer & Business-development' member at Takeo Tama (Music) has changed

Koei • Tama -- "How does NFT replace commissioning an Artist, exactly?"

Koei/Tama ent. publishes remarks in follow-up to their 'aloof' NFT deployments

Koei • Tama Music/entertainment Label Goes Underground

Related entities, & prepare to sever majority "Earth-surface" ties and begin Underground-Operating existences

Katlina Kliewer NFT & Test-Market Recording Launch

Song: "W.I. Danger" (Demo) - Artist: KATLINA KLIEWER - Label: Takeo Tama -- to release in conjunction as test-market and NFT combo "Not using YouTube or TikTok is a form of preserving USA constitutional rights."

Music-entertainment entity cites "change in paradigm" as mismatch and misunderstanding of technologies developing into 2022 New Year for general web-surfers Halts Shiba Inu Bartering-Protocol, Steps Back To Re-Evaluate High ETH Gas-Fee Dilemma

Koei • Tama Music grp. pauses implementation of "Shiba Inu" Cryptocurrency as means-of-trade to attain selections from its audio-catalogues and premium-contents

Powerful Instrumentals Released On TikTok, Users Encouraged To Use Them In Anti-Censorship Videos

Takeo Tama (Music) has released several powerful Instrumentals over the TikTok network including the Highly-Anticipated, "Illuminati No. 5"

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