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Takeo Tama 2024 Positioning Transcends Joe Rogan, Spotify & CNN Style Controversies For Digital-Music Distribution [Digital Journal, Inc., link]

Major-news -- TAKEO TAMA Denounces Social-Media/Internet Censorship Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic & Racism “Baiting” Ops [Digital Journal, Inc., link]

-|- supplemental-Update -- Ready For Fun, But, We’re Also Going To Level With You: “If You Think The USA and the World Isn’t Being Invaded Right Now, Think Again!” [Blog, follow-up, 100+ comments/reactions]

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Q1 Release Schedule 2023

An Official Q1-Release schedule has been published for the Takeo Tama 2023 Calendar-Year; Quarter-1 encompasses the months of January, February, and March — Any changes and or additions will be announced as they occur and no titles listed in this article are deemed “tentative” at this time (i.e. these are the catalogue-entries set to be … Continue reading Q1 Release Schedule 2023

Seven Years Bitches!

As 2022 came and went, so comes a New Year, a chance to continue doing “whatever it is” that we do, and, hopefully another year to continue entertaining you as “you do whatever it is”, you do. — Takeo Tama turns Seven this year! That is, 7-Years as a brand, doing what we do. So … Continue reading Seven Years Bitches!

Out from the silence…

It’s about time. We’re fucking behind! We wait ’till the end of the world to try something smart? But! here we go. — It is in its infancy. We don’t have a “mass” direction for anything yet, but the responses so far have been promising. Thank-you! — Support local, internationally, on-line, direct…? — Yes. — … Continue reading Out from the silence…

Build in Silence…

To say more, by saying less. Link – – – – –

Keep on “porting” on…

Doesn’t really matter how much crazier this world gets, we’ll keep trekking on, creating, distributing, and hanging out. Can’t lie, it’s very confusing regarding how to feel about going onward. Sometimes it’s, “Why bother?” and other moments it’s like, “Bah. Humbug.” — It just doesn’t come clear anymore, not in expectation, not in energy, and … Continue reading Keep on “porting” on…

Losing the Film, Television & Video-Game Licensing War, in a way (but not all the way)…

If someone wanted to say, “Why get audio from you? I can get royalty free stock sounds or pay some company and have access to thousands of tracks for my project,” they’d be correct (in a way). But what about the quality or “exactness” of such offerings? No, we’re not going to sell ourselves as … Continue reading Losing the Film, Television & Video-Game Licensing War, in a way (but not all the way)…

Social-Segment: “How awesome and stupid DoorDash is!”

The Awesome — A new song idea begins to creep in. At that same moment, a hunger, a craving for something ensues. The dilemma; to leave the current thought and lose traction or, to quickly go online and bam! Order, and continue thinking, creating while waiting. It’s the ultimate convenience, especially in the major cities … Continue reading Social-Segment: “How awesome and stupid DoorDash is!”

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"You shouldn't punish citizens of China, Russia, or Ukraine for the Government's actions."

Takeo Tama responds to questions surrounding "regional-interactions" websites relaunching...

Right Up! (Instrumental) Will Release March 1st, 2023

In follow-up to: "Right Up!" (A Time Before Now) [Katlina Kliewer] -- the Instrumental sound-recording releases immediately in March of 2023.

Takeo Tama "Regional" Relaunch is for Cultures, Languages & Persons of their destination Origins Region-based webpages are relaunched to service "select" destinations (i.e. Germany, Japan) but are designated as North-American (U.S.A.) based in Law & international-treaties considerations.

Katlina Kliewer - Music - Finland

Official "Finnish" zone for opens with launch of, "Right Up!" (A Time Before Now) "Major website revisions now testing, live!"

Takeo Tama Music-entertainment launches website enhancements for 2023+

1990s "Dance" Revolution Rebooted?

Takeo Tama will release "Right Up!" (A Time Before Now) February 14th, 2023...

Announced for February 14th, 2023: "Right Up!" (A Time Before Now) -- Katlina Kliewer [Takeo Tama]

Quarter-1 (Q1) releases for the 2023 year including pre-orders and early-listening access revealed...

"Wnt 2 Kno" & "WW3 Kidz" (Scene-2) Successfully Drops To Over Thanksgiving Holiday

A first major-release by: SEKRETT SCILENSCE in nearly two-decades ships to YouTube on Thanksgiving followed by the anticipated "WW3 Kidz" Scene-2 debut...

Audio Gambler (a.k.a. Takeo Tama European Focused Marketing) Shuts Down ceases operations. All remainder activity shifts to

"WW3 Kidz" (a Takeo Tama original) [Scene-Test Drops September 24, 2022]

The first "Five" scene-tests for "WW3 Kidz", a new concept-series by: Takeo Tama entertainment-enterprises will begin showcasing between 8:00am through 12:00pm CST at the Official YouTube channel:

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Takeo Tama (Parent-Company info) [Corporate, one-sheet]

Takeo Tama (Investor-Relations info) [Corporate, outline]

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