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Welcome to the official Music-section of the TAKEO TAMA Label. Contained in this directory are URLs for select-releases from the Label's catalog of sound-recordings. Please keep up to date by visiting the main website home-page and by checking any connected channels that carry the Label's products and services.

Please contact-us directly with any comments, questions, or suggestions. Further information for most goods and servicing is readily available on the pages created by TAKEO TAMA or at the directories carried and listed at the many hubs and stores that license the Label's audio.



Out Now!

Stage Level BGM (Type-I)

Right Up (A Time Before Now)

(Wnt 2 Kno) Without A Warning

A.S.M.R. (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)


It's The War On You

Character Theme (Type-2)


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