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Aspiring to be a world-class leader in innovation for the creation of diverse and evolved
"Music"-entertainment experiences, KUNEO KOEI has several trade-names around the globe.
The company also works with top talents and publishers to provide the best sound-recordings
and licensed-catalogs available.


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Thank-you for your interest in KUNEO KOEI and our investor-relations information.
All contributions, donations, and investments can be provided by "any member of the general public"
to the parent company, KUNEO KOEI (Broadcasting & Distribution) L.L.C., currently operating in
Chicago, IL/S.A., TX -- USA (Brand-management), Czech Republic (Business-development), and Hong Kong (Satellite/international).

Brands/Parties authorized to collect include:

Koei • Tama...

Takeo Tama (Music entertainment co.)
Kuneo Koei (Music industrial co.)
• Audio Gambler🄮 (Music ent. co. int.)
Sekrett Scilensce l.c.
Katlina Kliewer l.c.

Tools used to collect donations and investments include (but are not limited to):

• Patreon |discontinued|
• Gumroad |discontinued|
Minds |reinstated|
Ko-fi |New!|


Greetings from KUNEO KOEI, llc.

At Kuneo Koei, one of the company's missions is to put smiles across the faces
of "any member of the general public" who listens to a "Song" or explores a brand distributed.
Kuneo Koei knows that often, it takes the efforts and support of valuable-associations to bring the best possible outcomes together.

Kuneo Koei shall objectively evaluate business-opportunities in the following categories:

• Advertisement
• Endorsement
• Sponsorship


Q: What's your policy regarding the SUBMISSION of SUGGESTIONS and IDEAS?

A: In order to avoid any possible future confusion between proposals from third-parties and our own proposals, and unless we have advertised for suggestions and ideas on our website(s), it is Kuneo Koei company policy not to accept any proposals concerning our products and/or services from third-parties. In the event that you submit a proposal, such proposals will be treated with the assumption that you have agreed to the following terms:

1. KUNEO KOEI co. mfg. has no obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding the proposal.

2. KUNEO KOEI co. mfg. has no obligation to examine, evaluate, or adopt the proposal.

3. If any KUNEO KOEI co. mfg. 'party' announces or releases services or products which are partly or completely the same as or similar to suggestions made or ideas submitted by "you" to "us, KUNEO KOEI, the company", KUNEO KOEI co. mfg. and its 'parties' "shall be under no obligation nor' be liable to make any compensation to you".

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