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• Job/Opportunity #1

Remote Licensing Agent

Pay-Structure: One-Time [50% of sale]

Skill-Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert

Description: "Agent" is responsible for the placement of Music from the Takeo Tama catalogue of sound-recordings into Film, Television, Video-Game and similar productions.

The agent can work from any location (i.e. "Remotely") and will receive 50% of all fees produced from their efforts.

To clarify payment-terms, if the agent attains a contract with a payout of 10,000USD then the agent shall receive 5,000USD as payment for their services, etc.

The agent is required to conduct "all" work from a Takeo Tama assigned e-mail and "all" work will be verified before execution.

The agent is accountable and responsible to their lists of 'contacts' as Takeo Tama shall demand "no" affiliations beyond contracted-terms.

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• Job/Opportunity #2

PHP Coder/Developer

Payment: One-Time [Negotiable]

Skill-Level: Intermediate, Expert

Description: "PHP coder" will modify existing 'glob' code to check itself for duplicate images from pull/push directories.

The PHP-coder can work from any location (i.e. "Remotely").

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