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Q: What/Who is Takeo Tama?

A: Takeo Tama is an entertainment provider focused in multi-style Music.

(A) All Takeo Tama Songs are available as world-wide releases and are ready for Licensing in non-exclusive and exclusive forms for Film, Television, Video-Games, and similar.

(B) If an exclusive-license is executed, Takeo Tama can remove any audio from distribution as needed.

Q: Where can I listen-to/download/stream Takeo Tama productions?

A: Please see the Official Store links.

Q: Can I use Takeo Tama Music in my videos?

A: Yes.

YouTube does not typically issue copyright warnings/strikes for Takeo Tama audio, however, if you receive a notice at YouTube (or similar) that looks like the image below:

Click Agree/Ok/Yes etc.

DO NOT click Dispute/No etc.

Q: I've noticed English, German, Japanese, or Russian Takeo Tama notices on physical-products I've bought, what do they mean/say?

A: In most cases, you're referring to texts such as, "Verkauf auf/in Amazon.com/Ebay.com ist verboten," and similar. Since we deal with unauthorized/false sales or listings of our physical-products periodically (i.e. CDs), we place these notices on published-goods so that Buyers, retailers/vendors can have better accountability and knowledge about their Takeo Tama inventory.

Q: What's your policy regarding the SUBMISSION of SUGGESTIONS and IDEAS?

A: In order to avoid any possible future confusion between proposals from third parties and our own proposals, and unless we have advertised for suggestions and ideas on our website, it is our company policy not to accept any proposals concerning our products and/or services from third parties. In the event that you submit a proposal, such proposals will be treated with the assumption that you have agreed to the following terms:

1. TAKEO TAMA co. mfg. has no obligation to maintain confidentiality regarding the proposal.

2. TAKEO TAMA co. mfg. has no obligation to examine, evaluate or adopt the proposal.

3. If any TAKEO TAMA co. mfg. 'party' announces or releases services or products which are partly or completely the same as or similar to suggestions made or ideas submitted by you to us, TAKEO TAMA co. mfg. and its 'parties' "shall be under no obligation nor be liable to make any compensation to you".

Q: Can I really start working with you at ZERO COST?

A: Typically, YES! You and Takeo Tama have to speak briefly about your project details before committing. They'll tell You if Takeo Tama co. is uninterested.

Q: Is buying from your website and third-party vendors safe?

A: Yes. There are systems in place to guarantee the security of Your personal data and tracking.

Q: Is it true that Takeo Tama titles do not contain auto-tune or similar "vocal" pitch-correction technologies?

A: Yes. The Label prides itself on strong (and natural) vocal-performances. There are instances of vocoder or talk-boxes layered with the Human-performances but beyond that, Takeo Tama does not desire to utilize vocal-correction technologies.

Can't see the example video above?

* The above statement should not be perceived as an attack or argument for or against auto-tune styled technologies. The preferences in creations by other music-makers belong to their engineers, producers, and supervisors. *

More Q&As will be added as calls/text/e-mails are sent in.

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