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Classic Logo, Slogan of Evolution!

A return to the rich audio history of KUNEO KOEI. KUNEO KOEI remains supported by audiences around the globe. The "Classic Logo" and "Slogan of Evolution" signify a return to the origins of KUNEO KOEI and a revival of its pioneering spirit, offering long-time listeners and newcomers the same 'High-Quality' entertainment for many generations to come.


A man sets out upon his journey in music and begins to form relationships with bands that would become iconic throughout the era. He is a drummer who arrives at his goals to exists in high-demand.

The man who began in the 50s continues his trek in drumming, eventually meeting the woman who'd become his wife while still marching on his quest. He gains ambitions to grow his talents beyond standard musicianship.

The man who was a drummer in the 50s had his first two sons in the previous years, and by the late 70s into the early 80s, those two young boys had become drummers themselves, attempting to carry on the legacy beyond its earlier inceptions. A surprise to everyone in the family, during this decade, a third son was birthed.

The third son, like the phrase, "Third times a charm," proved to be the person who'd finally range the family's music ambitions to new heights. Not a drummer but instead, a pianist, from the age of two and beyond, he'd go on to create the entity now known as Kuneo Koei.

Who knows, what may come?

Now controlled and operated via the TAKEO TAMA brand.

Help us grow?!

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