Q1 Release Schedule 2023

An Official Q1-Release schedule has been published for the Takeo Tama 2023 Calendar-Year; Quarter-1 encompasses the months of January, February, and March — Any changes and or additions will be announced as they occur and no titles listed in this article are deemed “tentative” at this time (i.e. these are the catalogue-entries set to be released). Please be sure to fire-up your Apple, Amazon, Spotify or preferred music-apps before viewing the listing below…

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“Stage Level BGM” (Type-I)

Link: https://takeo-tama.com/music/Stage%20Level%20BGM%20(Type-I)%20_dis.hyp

“Right Up!” (A Time Before Now)

Link: https://takeo-tama.com/music/Right%20Up%20(A%20Time%20Before%20Now)%20_dis.hyp

“Stage Level BGM” (Type-II)

Link: https://takeo-tama.com/music/Stage%20Level%20BGM%20(Type-II)%20_dis.hyp

“Right Up!” (Instrumental)

Link: https://takeo-tama.com/music/Right%20Up%20(Instrumental)%20_dis.hyp

“Stage Level BGM” (Type-III)

Link: https://takeo-tama.com/music/Stage%20Level%20BGM%20(Type-III)%20_dis.hyp

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Seven Years Bitches!

As 2022 came and went, so comes a New Year, a chance to continue doing “whatever it is” that we do, and, hopefully another year to continue entertaining you as “you do whatever it is”, you do. — Takeo Tama turns Seven this year! That is, 7-Years as a brand, doing what we do.

So many good ideas, so little time to release them all!

Hold on to your hats, we have much more ready to come to you all this year.

We wish you all a happy, healthy, and hopefully prosperous year to come…


Song: “Without A Warning” (Wnt 2 Kno)
Artist: SEKRETT SCILENSCE (feat. Katlina Kliewer)
Label: Takeo Tama

Links: Apple, Amazon, Spotify etc.


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Out from the silence…

It’s about time. We’re fucking behind! We wait ’till the end of the world to try something smart? But! here we go. — It is in its infancy. We don’t have a “mass” direction for anything yet, but the responses so far have been promising. Thank-you! — Support local, internationally, on-line, direct…? — Yes. — Why not??

The New Studio

The new studio is incomplete but is functional and is serving it’s purpose well. It mostly has some acoustical tweaking to complete. Which made mixing and mastering “Meggatone” extremely difficult! Plus a Grasshopper keeps trying to go in on studio sessions. He promised to be quiet for recording, so we allowed it.

– – – – –


(It’s “The”) War on You


La Reggaeton Meggatone

Find Me (with Instrumental) [YouTube-music_experiment]

– – – – –

A very diverse range to christen the new studio? But hey, it’s just music to us. It’s the stores that “need” to classify it…

Not sure where his inspiration comes from (as he is currently all over the map) but! We’re looking forward to what’s next.


We have recently embraced micro-video markets with positive outcomes but ourselves are confused about its implementation. If its the difference of a Tik-Tok market vs. a YouTube market content-bubble, we find ourselves more at home as art-song previewing is exploitable in all the ways we are familiar with when proceeding as a Music-centric entity. Behind this, we have engaged YouTube-music via their official subdomain where they display the official art-music tracks as sent out through distributors. Hopefully this time, the accounting is transparent and not a nightmare, however; Halloween is near and perhaps our “Monster” is a woke, purple-haired, YT accounting executive named Clara who would like to say that we only got 2 views in 2 years…


Between lying Government heads, financial uncertainties, war, sanctions, nuclear threats, and unending possibilities of doom, gloom, and disease, we decided to have a little fun with what may be our last days. If it’s not, good. If it is…..good…


This original concept-series is a “passion project”. Call it our beta in pivoting towards film. But overall, it is a fun side-development that has helped us regain a foothold into the genre known as “original soundtrack recordings”.

For any show-parents that may be reading (or seeing this video):

Everything was explained ahead of time and the kid featured in the video was asked if he’d like to help. His reply was, “Well, Fuck yeah!” — Kids may never know just how much they help their parents overcome frustrations and obstacles with one swift decision. As a family building an interesting idea together, what more could be asked for?

Special Bulletin

Katlina Kliewer would like everyone to think she went to some healing mountain nature retreat, but really, she snuck off to her bedroom with a White Claw, lime beer-salt, and has her nose in a book (uttering something about Dragons being better than Humans at fire eating)??



– – – – –

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Keep on “porting” on…

Doesn’t really matter how much crazier this world gets, we’ll keep trekking on, creating, distributing, and hanging out. Can’t lie, it’s very confusing regarding how to feel about going onward. Sometimes it’s, “Why bother?” and other moments it’s like, “Bah. Humbug.” — It just doesn’t come clear anymore, not in expectation, not in energy, and not in desire (sometimes). But why, truly?? Well, it probably starts with environment and ends with “uncertainty”.

Probably other things as well but hej!

Positive futures for now.




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Losing the Film, Television & Video-Game Licensing War, in a way (but not all the way)…

If someone wanted to say, “Why get audio from you? I can get royalty free stock sounds or pay some company and have access to thousands of tracks for my project,” they’d be correct (in a way). But what about the quality or “exactness” of such offerings? No, we’re not going to sell ourselves as the almighty saviors for all audio needs, but, where do people like us fit in? Well, that’s sort of the point. With entities like us:

• You can achieve something custom and fitting to your specifications

• You can negotiate all kinds of contractual-terms, including free uses

• You can form a relationship for most long term requirements over a production’s lifespan

With all those “Libraries” chockfull of Royalty-Free songs, music-beds etc., you can sift for hours and hours and hopefully, find something you’re willing to settle on as the desired audio.

Below is a generic-reel featuring our soundtracks. It contains selections from video-games, animation, and film:

In the end, no method is right or wrong.

But we’d love to help you have something really cool for what you’re putting together (that’s all, really).




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Social-Segment: “How awesome and stupid DoorDash is!”

The Awesome — A new song idea begins to creep in. At that same moment, a hunger, a craving for something ensues. The dilemma; to leave the current thought and lose traction or, to quickly go online and bam! Order, and continue thinking, creating while waiting. It’s the ultimate convenience, especially in the major cities where going out is equivalent to risking your life in a huge jungle excursion. A concrete-jungle, albeit.

The Stupid — Imagine you order the most awesome Mexican plate, ever! When your “Dasher” arrives, he/she brings DAIRY QUEEN. And when you tell DoorDash what happened, they say, “Do you want the refund as DoorDash credit or sent back to your bank?” – No! – We want the Mexican plate that was ordered from the start!

DoorDash, we salute you!





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Let’s do this?!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get crazier, somebody said, “Hold me beer!” and you said, ‘Ahhhhhh, fine.’ and [they] giggled. But hej! That’s all bright and dandy because if the worst of worse doesn’t come as many expect then in the end, it’s a whole ton of things to make the most creative-works from, whether of the storytelling perspectives or just shear amount of abnormalities involved, we figure, “Well, what an interesting tyme to stay alive.”

And then some…

We’re revising a ton of items on the website and just want to inform you to keep taking a peek when you can.

If you’re interested in a deep-dive, click here!

For everything else, try this out:

Click here if you can’t see the frame/window above.


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Advertising Services Shutdown…

So we’re Officially announcing that we’ve shutdown our “Advertising” services sub-site. There’s a bunch of changes that we’ll uncover soon but ultimately, we want to thank everyone who participated and hope you find continued success with any and all services you utilize, going forward. Looking back, we probably had a ridiculously high-standard for the types of content we’d accept and display but in the end, that filtering process helped a lot of people and brands find clarity and commonality in what they were trying to accomplish and succeed at.

We’re happy to have served that purpose.


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The ‘Official’ “What Would We Do If…” (insert-possible-worst-case-scenario-here) Blog

Literally. It all just depends. Whether any person believes this or not, we’re usually fifty-steps ahead on just about every potential under our belt. We’ve literally come up with many different distribution scenarios in the past, only to realize they’d be better suited for an appropriate later-date. It’s not exactly a sixth-sense to anything oncoming but definitely a sensibility that we’ll hold hard until the day we die (or at the least, until the day we can’t be entertainers anymore, in the way we have been).


Will likely occur. It could be economic, it could be beyond our worst nightmares.

But what we must endure, live through, outset upon and what have you; well, lately its all well beyond any control we ever thought we had. So many continue on the paths of reporting, ranting, raving, theorizing and for us we think, “Just fucking cut it out already.”

You’ve seen the videos, or at least know someone who has:

“Hey everybody, thanks for watching my channel, today is January thirty first, twenty twenty two, before we get into today’s news about the impending doom and end of the Earth, I’d like you hit that like button and click the bell to subscribe if you haven’t already and please, share this video. Okay, so today, which by the way, I want to also mention my sponsor…”

Get the fuck out of here!

We wanted more Richard Pryor to come on the stream.

So just know, we’re not going down like that, push come to shove and all that Funk.


So back on track…

There’s options for us ranging Freenomics and further. Its in our hearts to do this. In this current existence, doing it as a Brand, Company, and people unhinged but not thwarted by mainstream policies and protocols, we deem it all a great grand privilege.

Once upon many moons ago, there was just a young person in a room, writing on maybe a Casio or simple Lowrey Synth with a rhythm-cartridge. It wasn’t a dream for fame, money, or spoils but more so a chance to achieve some cool new interesting sounds.

Sekrett Scilensce
circa. 1980s

Katlina Kliewer
circa. 1980s

You can never feel one-hundred-percent correct, trying to get back to some former existence of one’s self or some Golden-Era vibes, but, you can always get back to basics and adhere the best that’s either left or that you never knew was inside that mind, soul, body, spirit, or future.







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  • The Lockdown (I Can't Breathe)
  • as broadcasts on Sweden radio, Europe
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-lockdown-sweden-radio-v1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-lockdown-sweden-radio-v1.ogg
  • Love Less Than One Moment's Second Passed (L.L.T.O.M.S.P.)
  • Sekrett Scilensce
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-lltomsp-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-lltomsp-clip-1.ogg
  • Find Me
  • Katlina Kliewer
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/kk-find-me-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/kk-find-me-clip-1.ogg
  • The Russian Warehouse
  • Takeo Tama
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-rc-l2-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-rc-l2-clip-1.ogg
  • Burning Hearts
  • Sekrett Scilensce
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-burning-hearts-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-burning-hearts-clip-1.ogg
  • Just A Lullaby (For All Time Gone)
  • Katlina Kliewer
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/kk-lullaby-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/kk-lullaby-clip-1.ogg
  • New York Social-Club
  • Takeo Tama
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-rc-l3-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-rc-l3-clip-1.ogg
  • The Love Is Sound
  • as broadcasts on Miami radio, Florida USA
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-tlis-miami-radio-v1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-tlis-miami-radio-v1.ogg
  • The Nightwatch
  • New Classics Orchestra
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/nco-nightwatch-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/nco-nightwatch-clip-1.ogg
  • Simple Love
  • Katlina Kliewer
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/kk-simp-l-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/kk-simp-l-clip-1.ogg
  • 8-bit New Jack Swing [Type-2]
  • Sekrett Scilensce
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/8bit-nsj-t2-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/8bit-nsj-t2-clip-1.ogg
  • Fw9
  • as broadcasts on Canada radio
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-fw9-canada-radio-v1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/takeotama/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-fw9-canada-radio-v1.ogg