... New from 'Sekrett Scilensce': "Something Dangerous" TakeoTama.com is taking a stance by having, "no stance". We support freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and whiskey! With everything happening world-wide, best wishes to everyone! Takeo Tama "would" fight Asian-Hate but, we're a German-ese company that doesn't see the point as Nintendo and SEGA have laughed it all the way to the bank for decades. When was the last time Mario or Sonic made you want to sanction Japan (with the exception of World 6-3 in Vs. Super Mario Bros.)? Comments on "Katlina Kliewer's" latest Blog reach 300+ [katisback.com] Job (Opportunity) Listings: [tk3.nl/jobs] We're in the wrong business probably but, this is what we do. Takeo Tama, Music without auto-tune. Takeo Tama "is" America before communism. Kind of. ...

Just a Lullaby

Inpired by: Watership Down, the 1978 Martin Rosen animated-film about Rabbits in Communism, adapted to film from the 1972 novel by: Richard Adams, the cartoon turned cult-classic has been a favorite of Katlina Kliewer since childhood. Explore her interpretation in, "Just a Lullaby" (For All Time Gone).


I Wonder What You Look Like (Tonight)

Recalling memories and fondness from times past, Sekrett Scilensce bares all in this heart felt tale of romance and preserverance.


The Love is Sound

It's sad when you scroll YouTube comments on an older song that say, "Too bad they don't make music like this anymore."

All we're gonna' say is, "It's a damn good thing we don't have that problem at Takeo Tama."

Don't even think about saying words like 'retro' or 'throwback'.

We've always made stuff like this and don't plan on changing.

This "is" new. Try it out...?


Your Endless Name

Memories can be a place, time, or even people whom afforded a legacy that we carry through life in significant moments. We recall these fellow Humans with great regard and every so often, by honoring their essence. Discover your endless, name...


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Seeking that perfect sound for the opening scene of your new documentary? Need high-energy audio that compels audiences to your brand? Hoping to go viral?

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Takeo Tama

The Lockdown .alpha.


As parts of the world fall to deeper Draconian theatre, the communities of planet Earth begin to abide rules and regulations beyond the worst Orwellian nightmare. Free yourself and enjoy!

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Music. Adventure. Makers.

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Takeo Tama is a "Music" focused entertainment Label, offering a variety of Songs & Soundtracks spanning many genres and styles including Classical, Electro, Pop, Rock, and 8/16-Bit (a.k.a. Chiptune).

All titles are available where Audio is sold and are ready for Licensing in Film, Television, Video-Games and similar productions.

Virtually all creations and contributions by Takeo Tama ent., (its affiliates), [and subsidiaries] are assigned to one Song-Writer and one Publisher.

All sound-recordings are Video (i.e. YouTube, TikTok) ready! Just use the tracks you want in your videos and upload!!

NO Lists, NO Sign-Ups, NO Junk.

For all Business (i.e. Marketing) inquiries such as Advertising, Endorsement, or Sponsorship, as well as Public Relations; please contact directly, thank-you...


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Concepts & Demos


Description: Synth-Wave style production. Currently instrumental, only. Talk to us about Licensing any time!


Description: Ethereal-Pop with a splash of Rock-Ballad? Talk to us about Licensing any time!

"Freestyla' Rider"

Description: Electro-Pop, dance-hall delight! Talk to us about Licensing any time!

"New Jack Now!"

Description: East-Coast Swing, D.C. Go-Go, baby! Talk to us about Licensing any time!

  • The Lockdown (I Can't Breathe)
  • as broadcasts on Sweden radio, Europe
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-lockdown-sweden-radio-v1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-lockdown-sweden-radio-v1.ogg
  • L.L.T.O.M.S.P.
  • Sekrett Scilensce
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-lltomsp-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-lltomsp-clip-1.ogg
  • Find Me
  • Katlina Kliewer
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/kk-find-me-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/kk-find-me-clip-1.ogg
  • The Russian Warehouse
  • Takeo Tama
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-rc-l2-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-rc-l2-clip-1.ogg
  • Burning Hearts
  • Sekrett Scilensce
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-burning-hearts-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-burning-hearts-clip-1.ogg
  • Just A Lullaby (For All Time Gone)
  • Katlina Kliewer
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/kk-lullaby-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/kk-lullaby-clip-1.ogg
  • New York Social-Club
  • Takeo Tama
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-rc-l3-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-rc-l3-clip-1.ogg
  • The Love Is Sound
  • as broadcasts on Miami radio, Florida USA
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-tlis-miami-radio-v1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-tlis-miami-radio-v1.ogg
  • The Nightwatch
  • New Classics Orchestra
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/nco-nightwatch-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/nco-nightwatch-clip-1.ogg
  • Simple Love
  • Katlina Kliewer
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/kk-simp-l-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/kk-simp-l-clip-1.ogg
  • 8-bit New Jack Swing [Type-2]
  • Sekrett Scilensce
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/8bit-nsj-t2-clip-1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/8bit-nsj-t2-clip-1.ogg
  • Fw9
  • as broadcasts on Canada radio
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/mp3/ss-fw9-canada-radio-v1.mp3
  • https://files.fm/pa/webmap/takeotama.com/ogg/ss-fw9-canada-radio-v1.ogg